Around the industry: Sorority recruitment video called 'worse for women than Donald Trump'

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  • Alabama: The University of Alabama chapter of sorority Alpha Phi has taken down a recruitment video after writer A.L. Bailey called the video "worse for women than Donald Trump" in an opinion article on The video attracted 500,000 views on YouTube before it was removed. While Bailey's commentary provoked criticism of the video, some viewers voiced support for the sorority, too (Stump, USA Today, 8/17).
  • Texas: The University of Texas at Austin has paused plans to move a statue of Jefferson Davis after the Sons of Confederate Veterans submitted a temporary restraining order to a state district court Friday. A spokesperson for the Sons says the group is concerned about the university's haste in moving the statues and questions whether it has legal standing to do so (Schachar, Los Angeles Times, 8/15).
  • Virginia: The College of William & Mary has removed a Confederate memorial plaque from a building on campus, housing it instead in a special collection of college artifacts at the school's library. Officials say it will be replaced with a plaque listing people from the college who fought on both sides of the Civil War. Confederate images on the college's ceremonial mace will also be changed, but officials say they do not know what the new images will be yet (Kapsidelis, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/14).

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