Around the industry: University bans sagging pants

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  • Arkansas: Henderson State University is taking criticism for temporarily posting signs in the student center banning sagging pants, in addition to rudeness, profanity, and loudness. Students complained that certain groups, particularly black students, felt targeted by the signs. A university spokesperson says the signs were a response to a rise in classroom and campus behavioral disruptions (New, Inside Higher Ed, 8/17).
  • Florida: Officials at the University of Central Florida have suspended fraternity Sigma Nu after receiving a report of a video that allegedly shows at least one member yelling phrases encouraging others to rape. The university scheduled a hearing for this week and also told the fraternity to expect a Title IX inquiry. Sigma Nu's national leadership condemns the language in the video and says it is also investigating (Larimer, "Grade Point," Washington Post,  8/17).
  • Vermont: Rob Dunn, a senior at Green Mountain College, is skipping the dorm room. Instead, he lives in a 96-square-foot, solar-panel-powered house that he built himself. Dunn describes his year in the house as the "most raw experience that I've ever had" (AP/U.S. News & World Report, 8/17).

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