Meet your new freshmen: They have never lived without Google

50 cultural and historical events that shaped their lives

Kristin Tyndall, EAB Daily BriefingKristin Tyndall, associate editor

Just in time for the start of the school year, Beloit College released its annual Mindset List for the class of 2019.

The list includes a variety of cultural, historical, and political facts from the past 18 years—the traditional age of a college freshman. The goal is to help faculty and administrators bridge generational gaps and communicate better with incoming students.

"The message for faculty is: Don't assume that your old references will always continue to make sense," Tom McBride, one of the list's writers, told NBC News.

For example, your newest students have never lived without Google. On the other hand, they were never alive at the same time as Princess Diana or Mother Theresa.

If you tell freshmen to think about the "last century," there is a good chance they will think of the 20th. While that is technically correct—it is probably not the one you thought of.

According to the Mindset List, young people consider Wi-Fi an "entitlement" and email a medium of "formal" communication. Tweeting and texting remain casual.

Not all Millennials are so plugged in. Nearly 60% of these 'digital natives' lack basic digital skills.

This year, the guide also includes an appendix defining "A Little Millennial Jargon." This could come in handy the next time someone complains that a "textrovert" on "Natty Light" has been "trolling" a friend for being "too Yoko Ono."

Finally, this year's Mindset List celebrates a special milestone: There has been a list released in every year the incoming students have been alive (McBride, Mindset Lists release, 8/17; Carrero, NBC News, 8/18).

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