Around the industry: Harvard reminds tourists—stop taking photos of our students

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  • British Columbia: This week, Simon Fraser University celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding. Proposed, planned, and built in only two years, the school overcame early skepticism to become one of the top-ranked universities in Canada—with three campuses and more than 35,000 students (CBC News, 9/9; Beddall, Burnaby NewsLeader, 9/9).
  • Massachusetts: New signs on Harvard University's campus remind tourists that sightseeing—and students—have boundaries. The signs forbid actions like holding cameras to dorm windows, taking pictures of students, and walking through private events. Students welcomed the signs Thursday, saying they had started to feel like they were living in a zoo (Annear/Gans, Boston Globe, 9/10).
  • Nebraska: After more than 40 years, Kent Broyhill has paid off his parking tickets to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). He visited the police station to pay his fines before graduation day in 1974, but was out of cash—the only currency the officer could accept. So the officer gave him a pass, with the promise that he would repay as soon as he could. Broyhill recently realized he had forgotten and sent UNL a check for $100. UNL returned the check with a thank-you note, so Broyhill donated the money instead (Dunker, Lincoln Journal Star, 9/10).

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