Around the industry: Utica College cuts tuition 42%

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  • Georgia: Three years after becoming Georgia Regents University, the school again renamed itself—to Augusta University. Georgia Regents formed in 2012 when Augusta State University merged with Georgia Health Sciences University—at the time, the name was controversial because it did not mention the school's location of Augusta (Woodhouse, Inside Higher Ed, 9/16).
  • New Mexico: Jerry Wang, CEO of for-profit Herguan University, has been sentenced to one year in prison for charges related to a visa fraud scheme. An investigation by the San Jose Mercury News found that Herguan was one of several institutions falsifying information on documents related to international student exchange (de Sá, San Jose Mercury News, 9/16).
  • New York: Next academic year, Utica College plans to cut tuition and fees 42%, from about $34,500 to about $20,000. Officials say they also plan to cut room and board costs by 13%. President Todd Hutton says Utica has been growing its enrollment and has its largest freshman class ever (AP/Yahoo! Finance, 9/15).

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