Around the industry: Ten more men charged in fraternity hazing death

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  • Illinois: The faculty union of Rock Valley College accepted a new five-year contract, bringing a four-day strike to an end. The final day of negotiations proved difficult as both sides made errors in their offers and swapped accusations of sabotage—but after a few changes, the two parties reached a deal. Trustees will vote on the contract Tuesday night, after which the details will be made public (Curry, Rockford Register Star, 9/21).
  • Missouri: Public universities and community colleges in the state will freeze tuition in 2016-2017, according to the terms of an agreement between state higher education leaders and Gov. Jay Nixon (D). In addition, Nixon recommends a 6% increase to performance-based funding for higher education in the next fiscal year, which would amount to about $55.7 million (Ballentine, AP/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9/21).
  • New York: Ten more men have been charged in connection with a 2013 fraternity hazing death at Baruch College, police said Monday. That brings the total number of people charged to 15. Charges included hazing and criminal conspiracy. Police say they started bringing charges against people they believe to be the least involved and are working up to those they believe to be most central to the case. At least five charges of murder are expected (AP/NBC New York, 9/22; Crook/Ford, CNN, 9/22).

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