Extra Credit: Profile of F. King Alexander, president and public university champion

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Three major California universities turn 50 this year, kicking off parties, but also reflections on the past and future of California higher ed. All three schools were launched to ensure that Baby Boomers would have plentiful access to affordable college. But in an era of financial challenges, some worry that the next generation of California students will not have the same opportunities.

F. King Alexander wants to save public universities. As the president of Louisiana State University (LSU), he's familiar with the challenges facing the industry. He has been championing their cause throughout the halls of Congress as legislators reauthorize the Higher Education Act, explaining how the previous version has led to state disinvestment and hurt schools like LSU. Writing for the Atlantic, Alexander Holt delves deep into a character study of King Alexander—and his conflict with Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) of the Senate's higher education committee.

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Sixty-three percent of college coaches prefer to rock khakis—a groundbreaking statistic discovered by a Wall Street Journal investigation of the five major athletic conferences. In the first two weeks of the season, nearly 60% of coaches wore the "dad pants" twice. And while the rate of tan slacks remains higher in college football than in its professional cousin the National Football League—it is on a decline, according to WSJ.  

A nation divided ... on libraries. Nearly a third of Americans over 16 think libraries should "definitely" cut down on print books in order to make space for technology centers, meeting rooms, and other resources, according to a new study from Pew Research Center. Yet another 25% felt strongly against doing so. 

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