University of Arizona cuts 320 positions after state slashes $28M in funding

Only 44 layoffs

To accommodate state funding cuts, the University of Arizona (UA) eliminated more than 300 positions through a combination of strategies, officials announced Thursday.

In March, Arizona cut higher education funding by nearly $100 million across the state's three public universities. UA faces a $28.4 million funding cut this fiscal year.

Only 44 people were laid off. Most of the positions eliminated—120—were vacant. UA leaders cut 64 through retirement, resignation, or termination. Finally, they downgraded 96 jobs from full-time to part-time.

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Half of the eliminated positions were staff members and half were faculty or graduate assistants.

UA is working to minimize the effect on students, says Gregg Goldman, chief financial officer. "The university will try to offer the same level of service," he told Arizona Public Media. However, he acknowledges there could be some changes, such as bigger class sizes and higher fees. He says it is difficult to predict at this point how the effects will ripple across campus (Barchfield, Arizona Public Media, 9/25).

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