Extra Credit: This year has seen more mass shootings than days

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In 2015, we've had more mass shootings than days. The Washington Post's "Wonkblog" reminds us that Roseburg is only the latest in a "steady drumbeat."

The First Lady gave teens a pep talk this week at an event promoting her "Let Girls Learn" campaign. Michelle Obama encouraged young women to focus on their educations and avoid the distractions of dating. "Compete with the boys. Beat the boys," Obama told the audience.

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Proper grammar is so hot right now.  Despite increasing colloquial and informal use, language is playing a more significant role than ever in how people judge one another.  "Before, we just heard informal language in spoken contexts, but now it surrounds us all the time" via texts, emails, and social media, lexicographer Ben Zimmer says. And research is finding that writing skills are especially important in online dating. '

"Behind every punctuation mark lie a thousand stories," and the upcoming book Making A Point by David Crystal aims to tell them all. The work dives into the history and usage of English language punctuation, examining the dual roles of the little marks—making texts easier to read aloud and providing semantic clarity—in sociolinguistic context.

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