Oregon shooting comes as Texas universities prepare for campus carry

Set to begin in one year

Last week's mass shooting at an Oregon community college "hit close to home," one University of Texas at Austin professor writes in The Conversation, especially because a recently passed law will allow people to bring concealed handguns into Texas campus classrooms.

Javier Auyero, professor of Latin American Sociology at UT-Austin, writes that Oregon is one of seven states that allow concealed weapons on public college campuses—and that Texas will soon be the eighth. He admits freely that he is "in fact, profoundly afraid."

However, those in favor of the campus carry law say the Umpqua shooting also shows why the law is necessary.

"The events [last week] have certainly done nothing but heightened passions about this, and I think both sides are taking the events of [last week] and saying it supports their position," Steven Goode, a UT-Austin law professor, told the Houston Chronicle.

In 2014, Florida legislators also pushed for campus carry laws in the wake of a shooting in a university library (Auyero, The Conversation, 10/2; Wermund, Houston Chronicle, 10/2).

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