Workshop aims to diagnose, strengthen college leadership teams' weaknesses

Each organization works with a coach

In a program run by the American Association of Community Colleges, leadership teams workshop ways to improve "high performance," Matthew Dembicki writes for the association's Community College Daily.

In the simply named High Performance Team (HPT) training, organizations focus on various elements of what that means. Some attend to increase follow-through, others to manage group dynamics.

When teams arrive, they undergo a personality profile exercise to identify areas that can use strengthening.

Training kicks off with a session where all teams talk about challenges they face. Then, teams break out into their own groups and work with a "coach" who facilitates discussions. Each coach is assigned based on the team's needs.

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Throughout the workshop, each team creates a plan that includes three goals:

  • The first must be team related;
  • The second must relate to Lumina Foundation's "Beyond Financial Aid" student success guidebook; and
  • The third is the team's choice.

Lone Star College (LSC) -Tomball's leadership team attended the workshop last month and discovered they need to improve their follow-through on initiatives. Their goals were:

  • Institutionalize six new "culture belief" goals set by the LSC system;
  • Better identify at-risk students and connect them to resources and support networks; and
  • Make a "Tomball Initiatives Room" where all projects' timelines will be visible.

"Anybody can go in there at any time and see what's happening," LSC-Tomball President Lee Ann Nutt says. "We think that listing the initiatives, their timelines, who is assigned to them, who is responsible and updates will help promote some ownership and accountability and provide the structural context that we need" (Dembicki, Community College Daily, 10/9).

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