Could college sports be driving up the cost of tuition?

Documentary short takes aim at athletic budgets

College athletic programs cost more money than they are worth, argues a documentary short, "The Big Game: College Football Stealing Your Future."

The two-minute video is part of a series on student debt and says that universities spend about seven times as much on athletics per student as they do on education.

"There's this common consensus that athletics bring money to the school, and its manifestation in the public keeps us from actually doing the math," Vanessa Baden Kelly, spokesperson for Brave New Films, which made the short, told Christian Science Monitor.

While the top 20 to 30 sports programs do bring in money, 82% of college football programs lose an average of $11 million annually, according to the film.

"The most important finding is the fact that this huge debt crisis that's coming out of institutions of higher learning can be curbed in many ways that we don't realize," Baden Kelly says (Chen, Christian Science Monitor, 10/13; Decarr, Education News, 10/16).

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