Extra Credit: How our friendships change as we get older

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Should a self-driving car run over a cat, into a person, or off a cliff? Their manufacturers are grappling with these and other serious ethical questions as they try to program the cars to respond to tough situations the way a human would. The trolley problem comes to life in a very modern way in this article by The Conversation.

How our friendships change as we get older. According to multiple surveys, long-term friendships are a major source of happiness—yet they're also one of the hardest things to achieve. As people get busier in adulthood, friends often take a back seat to other priorities like career and family. Writing for The Atlantic, Julie Beck surveys research on the challenges of maintaining friendships as an adult—and the qualities that make friendships last.

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The fastest American woman entering this weekend's New York City Marathon is an 18-year-old college freshman. Alana Hadley gave up NCAA scholarships and her collegiate eligibility to run professionally when she turned 17. So instead of a full-ride to likely any college of her choosing, she borrowed $3,000 and spent $6,000 of her road-race winnings to enroll at University of North Carolina-Charlotte. On Sunday, she'll enter the marathon as the United States' top seed.

"Morris Brown" isn't just the name of an Outkcast song. The eponymous college had 2,700 students in 2003 and was known for giving students the tools to improve their socioeconomic status. Today, there are fewer than 20 enrolled—but the school isn't giving up and is battling back from a mountain of debt.

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