Grads who experienced more diversity value their degree more

Public institution grads most likely to experience diversity

People who interacted with students of different backgrounds during college were more likely to say their degree was worth the cost, according to the Gallup-Purdue Index (GPI).

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The GPI, a research effort among Gallup, Purdue University, and the Lumina Foundation, focuses on studying the connection between undergraduate experience and real-world success.

To create the report, researchers asked more than 30,000 college graduates about their college experiences, student loan burdens, and perception of the value of their education. This was the second annual GPI.

Respondents who strongly agree that they experienced diversity in college were 2.2 times as likely to say their college degree was worth the cost as people who didn't agree. Those who experienced diversity in college were also more likely to be engaged at work.

Graduates were most likely to interact with people of different backgrounds at public institutions on a regular basis. While 49% of public institution graduates strongly agreed they had that experience, only 41% of graduates of private nonprofit institutions did (Marken, Gallup, 10/28).

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