Around the industry: Fighting the binge-drinking culture by selling beer

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  • Illinois: Selling beer during football games pays off financially and in public safety, Northern Illinois University officials say. Since the stadium began serving beer in the second week of the season, alcohol-related calls have dropped, likely because fewer people feel the need to binge drink before the games, police say. And beer sales grew 30% from the second week to the third (Chicago Tribune, 10/29).  
  • North Carolina: Pizza boxes at North Carolina State University no longer go to waste; instead, the Pizza Box Composting Project turns them into fertilizer. Since early last year, students dropped about 16,000 boxes into special dumpsters around camps. The boxes cannot be recycled in the traditional manner, because cheese oils throw a wrench in the water-based system (Bauerlein, Wall Street Journal, 11/1).
  • North Carolina: An early Sunday morning shooting at Winston-Salem State University left one student dead and another injured on the school's homecoming weekend. Campus was locked down for approximately three hours as police investigated. Officers say they do not believe the gunman—still at large—is a student (WYFF 4, 11/1; Sutton, CNN, 11/1).

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