Rand Paul: Treat free college 'as if they're offering you heroin'

Presidential candidate's plan would offer tax credits instead

Students should be just as wary of "free college" offers as they are of free heroin offers, presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) said in a radio interview last week.

During an Iowa radio interview, Paul told the show host that students must remember that "nothing's free."

"If someone offers you something for free, treat it as if they're offering you heroin and think about the repercussions of what is free and what is a drug, an addicting drug like heroin and the ramifications of that. There's nothing free. It just means somebody else is gonna pay for it. You don't see them," he said.

He elaborated, "The plumber, the welder, the carpenter, the people who don't go to college are being asked to pay for your education."

Instead of free college, students should instead be allowed to deduct "the entire cost" of attendance over the course of their working lives, he says.

Additionally, breaking down the "educational monopoly" will bring prices down, he said as he pushed for more online higher education.

"I imagine a hundred professors that would get together that would be able to sell their services to the entire world," he said. "We have to convince them that they would be more and more successful and financially rewarded by doing this, but then the pupil would get a cheaper and cheaper educational experience" (Massie, BuzzfeedNews, 11/2).

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