Around the industry: California State student killed in Paris attacks

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  • France: A California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) student was killed in Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris. Nohemi Gonzalez, 23, was studying abroad at the Strate College of Design for the semester, along with 16 other CSULB students—all of whom are safe according to the university. Gonzalez was dining in a restaurant with some of her peers when the attacks began. On Sunday, the university held a vigil for the industrial design student (ABC7, 11/14).
  • Missouri: The student journalist who took a viral video of a professor attempting to block him from protestors last week filed an official complaint against the woman, Melissa Click. Pending the results of a police investigation, she may be charged with minor assault.  Click apologized for the incident via a university-distributed letter, but the student says he felt threatened (Bernstein, Reuters, 11/12).
  • New York: Vice President Joe Biden urged the Syracuse University community to do more to prevent sexual assault on campus during a speech at his alma mater last week. The address was part of a week-long push to support the "It's On Us" campaign, encouraging intervention before assaults take place. Men and administrators must take on more responsibility to ensure every one understands sex without consent is rape and sexual assault is not acceptable, he said (AP/Wall Street Journal, 11/12). 

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