Around the industry: Student takes college exam while in labor

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  • Georgia: Giving new meaning to multi-tasking, a Middle Georgia State University woman finished—and passed—her two-hour online exam while in labor at Coliseum Medical Center. Tommitrise Collins, 21, says she decided to take the psychology test while waiting to give birth so that she could spend time with her newborn daughter after (Muse, Fox 5 Atlanta, 11/18). 
  • Massachusetts: A group of faculty at Amherst College voted this week in favor of dropping the institution's unofficial mascot, Lord Jeff. While Amherst does not have an actual mascot, the Lord is named for Jeffery Amherst, who led British troops during the French and Indian War and who is thought to have endorsed spreading smallpox among Native Americans with infected blankets. Because the faculty meeting was not an official one, the vote was "nonbinding," according to a university spokesperson, although the board of trustees is expected discuss the information at its January meeting (Krantz, Boston Globe, 11/19).
  • Massachusetts: William Fitzsimmons, Harvard University dean of admissions and financial aid, says he has concerns about the 80-institution coalition launching a new application platform. Fitzsimmons says he hopes to see membership criteria ease, making it easier for students to apply to a variety of colleges—one of the benefits of the Common Application. He also expressed concern that the "locker" or portfolio portion of the application may ramp up pressure on high school students (Thompson, Harvard Crimson, 11/17).

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