Extra Credit: Some social sciences and humanities departments are going mad

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Some social sciences and humanities departments are going mad. The emerging field of "mad studies" focuses on concepts of madness and the social, medical, historic, political, and other factors that shaped our understanding of it—and approaches to dealing with those we deem mad. "Societies are identifying more and more of their citizens as abnormal and defective, while being less and less prepared to spend money on supporting them in their difficulties," write the editors of one popular book in the field.

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Terps, Hoyas, and the politics of college sports. The University of Maryland and Georgetown University have been basketball powerhouses—but until this week, the two Washington, D.C.-area schools hadn't played each other in years. Writing in the Washington Post, John Feinstein details why the rivalry ebbed.

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Sex ed covers more than the physical aspects now. More and more high schools are teaching "Yes means Yes" and verbal skills for seeking and awarding consent. Sexual violence was a major focus among the 163 sex ed-related bills introduced in statehouses this year, nearly 24 of which covered education in consent, communication, or healthy relationships. While "affirmative consent" is gaining traction on college campuses too, experts say it's important to start the conversation earlier.

It's not just hard to be homeless in college, it's hard to prove you're homeless too. Sen. Patty Murray (D-Washington) reintroduced legislation last week seeking to ease regulations surrounding homeless youth FAFSA documentation. Currently, students need a high-school counselor or a director of a federal funded shelter to label them at-risk or homeless before they can declare the situation on their FAFSA. By just sophomore year, that can be difficult to obtain.

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