Around the industry: Harvard to nix title some say invokes slavery

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  • Massachusetts: A 12-day student sit-in at Brandeis University ended this week after school leaders acceded to some of the protesters' demands. According to the plan announced on Tuesday by interim president Lisa Lynch, Brandeis will launch workshops and initiatives to improve diversity on campus. University leaders also said they would hire a vice president for diversity and inclusion next year. "We are overjoyed to pave the way for future Brandeis students and hope that our actions are inspirations to other university students demanding a positive change," the student group said in a statement (Gans, Boston Globe, 12/1).
  • Massachusetts: A Harvard College official announced on Tuesday that the school will move away from using a title that some students and faculty had criticized for its slavery connotations. In an email to students, Dean Rakesh Khurana wrote that leaders of the school's undergraduate residences will no longer be known by the traditional title of "Master." The change is "rooted in a broad effort to ensure that the College’s rhetoric, expectations, and practices around our historically unique roles reflects and serves the 21st century needs of residential student life," Khurana wrote (Wang, "Morning Mix," Washington Post, 12/2).
  • Pennsylvania: Temple University's football team is undefeated and receiving national attention, and some officials say that the spotlight on the school's sports team is boosting applications. "Our most recent open house was the largest ever at over 6,000 attendees," said Karin Mormando, Temple's director of admissions. "Freshman applications, at this point, for our fall [2016] class are up 11% over last year" (Perez, WPVI, 12/1).

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