Around the industry: University to allow guns in dorm rooms

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  • England: Manchester Metropolitan University and Pizza Hut teamed up to offer a pizza course—though it won't focus exclusively on the cheesy dish itself. The class goes over how to run a business, from finances to health and safety. In the next five years, about 1,500 students are expected to enroll (Moran, Huffington Post, 12/8).
  • Iowa: A new report released by the American Association of University Professors blasts the University of Iowa for its decision to hire J. Bruce Harreld as its president. Harreld is a former business executive with virtually no academic experience. The report says that even if the search process was fair and reasonable, ignoring faculty opposition and hiring Harreld was not (Kelderman, "The Ticker," Chronicle of Higher Education, 12/10).
  • Virginia: Students at Liberty University will soon be able to keep firearms in their dorm rooms. In an effort to increase campus safety, President Jerry Falwell Jr. announced the school will end the policy that bans guns from resident halls. Recently, Falwell urged students to get their concealed carry permits (Anderson, "Grade Point," Washington Post, 12/9).

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