Extra Credit: Schools are paying millions to coaches they fired years ago

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It takes courage to present at a conference—in full drag queen regalia. But even if you aren't a drag queen, it takes courage to accept yourself, stop forcing yourself into the stereotypical ideal of a "professor," and share the best of who you are—who you truly are—with your students. Domenick Scudera shares a relatable story of feeling the pressure to live up to expectations before learning that being authentic makes one a better teacher and mentor. 

These puppies could save endangered species worldwide. The puppies mark the first successful litter in two decades' worth of efforts to bring in vitro fertilization to canines. Scientists say the milestone was an important first step in using the research to help save endangered mammals. In addition, the research may also lead to experimental treatments for human diseases, including some cancers, diabetes, and certain genetic disorders.

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FLOTUS got flow. As part of the Better Make Room and Reach Higher campaigns, first lady Michelle Obama dropped new rap video with College Humor and Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah. In it, the duo focus on the importance of going to college while spitting some mad rhymes.

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College sports' fastest-rising expense: Paying coaches not to work. A story in the Washington Post highlights an issue that's always infuriated me: The tens of millions of dollars that schools are paying out to coaches that they've fired.

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Listen to Dan talk about some of the biggest stories in heath care this week—including whether gun violence is really a public health issue—on our sister podcast, the Weekly Briefing.

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