Around the industry: Bill seeks to revoke scholarships for protesting athletes

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  • Missouri: A state legislator has introduced a bill to revoke the scholarships of student-athletes who go on strike, or refuse to play for any other non-health-related reason. The bill comes just one month after a student-athlete strike at the University of Missouri helped oust the school's president and the system's chancellor (Summers, Mashable, 12/15).
  • New York: Hamilton College has named a new president—David Wippman, current dean and professor at the University of Minnesota Law School. Wippman has previously served as a professor and associate dean at Cornell Law School and vice provost for international relations at Cornell University (Doran,, 12/11).
  • Washington, D.C.: Howard University is considering selling its television station, the only black-owned public station in the country. The institution faces financial challenges and the sale could potentially raise hundreds of millions of dollars. But it also could mean shutting down the channel, making the decision a difficult one for university administrators, alumni, and community leaders (Fandos, "Business Day," New York Times, 12/13).

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