Being a strong leader in 2016

The most popular articles of last year on leadership

The EAB Daily Briefing team rounds up your favorite articles on being a more-effective and inspiring leader to reflect on as you prepare for the new year.

1. How does inbox-zero make you a better leader? One CEO explains. Chris Van Gorder calls email "the best tool ever invented." As CEO of a complex hospital system, Van Gorder says his email philosophy helps him be a better leader—and has played a big part in developing the system's culture.

2. Introverts are underrated as leaders. They shouldn't be. A growing number of experts say introverts have a mix of traits that make them uniquely suited to leading complex organizations.

3. How to spot—and become—an "authentic leader." Authentic leaders have a sense of purpose and are committed to their core values, but they are also frequently misunderstood, writes one professor and former CEO.

4. Your team is overworked and overwhelmed. Here's how to lessen the load. Many staff members are being asked to do more with less as colleges feel the impact of financial challenges moving through the higher education industry. Here are six ways leaders can help their employees find balance and avoid burnout.

5. What makes great higher education leaders great? While acknowledging that every leader is unique, one VP for academic affairs argues that many of the best leaders share several traits—from mental toughness to a commitment to the mission.

6. How to spot emotionally intelligent people in an interview. Multiple studies have shown that emotional intelligence plays a bigger role than IQ in long-term success, and it can be especially important for roles in higher education administration. One expert offers four tips for identifying candidates with high emotional intelligence during the hiring process.

7. What do top professors have in common? College professors may teach various subjects at different institutions, but great classroom leaders share a similar set of skills and processes, says Ken Bain, author of "What the Best College Teachers Do."

8. Four ways millennials are changing leadership. A shift in leadership styles may be coming to the workplace as millennials advance through the office ranks, according to this study.

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