Around the industry: Governor expands higher ed in prison program

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  • Arkansas: The first Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) training for local higher education personnel will take place at Arkansas State University on Tuesday. The three-day course will address a range of issues related to emergency operations on campuses and managing potential hazards (Baxter Bulletin, 1/7).
  • New York: Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) released a plan dedicating $7.5 million to expand higher education in prisons. The funding will come from criminal-forfeiture funds and is part of a larger $170 million plan focused on integrating schools and social services. Only inmates who are within five years of release, are not serving life sentences, and have a high school diploma will have access to the courses (Ramey, Wall Street Journal, 11/10).
  • Virginia: Gov. Terry McAuliffe's (D) new two-year spending plan awards $240 million to state colleges and universities but still needs to be approved. The spending initiatives include $50 million for in-state and underrepresented populations; $40 million to create "centers of excellence;" $25.7 million to ensure faculty and staff receive the 2% raise promised to all state employees; and $2.2 million to fund community college veteran advisers (Douglas-Gabriel, "Grade Point," Washington Post, 12/24/15).

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