Around the industry: 20 private colleges opt out of campus carry in Texas

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  • Maryland: Johns Hopkins University's George Peabody Library stack room receives its annual dusting today. Staff and volunteers collect once a year to clean off the windows, floors, shelves, and books. The building is home to about 300,000 volumes, mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries (AP/WTOP, 1/14).
  • New York: Following months of protests and a campus vote of no-confidence, Ithaca College (IC) President Tom Rochon announced he will resign at the end of 2017. The unrest stemmed from a series of racially charged events, and while Rochon did hire a chief diversity officer, criticism did not abate. "I believe it is best for IC to be led in the future by a president chosen by the board specifically to make a fresh start on these challenges, including those that became so apparent to us all last semester," Rochon says (Peralta, "The Two-Way," NPR, 1/14).
  • Texas: Trinity University announced Thursday that it will opt out of the state's campus carry law, making it the 20th private institution in Texas to do so. According to Trinity officials, the student government, staff engagement committee, and faculty senate each passed a resolution in favor of opting out. "A weapons-free environment is the best learning environment for a residential campus like Trinity University," read a statement by President Danny Anderson (Watkins, Texas Tribune, 1/14).

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