Around the industry: UC system builds new student engagement survey

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  • California: The University of California system has revamped its undergraduate survey to be offered as an alternative to the National Survey of Student Engagement, commonly known as NSSE or "Nessie." The Student Experience in the Research University survey will be offered to the nine UC campuses offering undergraduate programs, as well as 14 other members of the Association of American Universities and 11 international institutions in Europe and Asia. The survey focuses on five components of undergraduate education: academic skills development, civic engagement, economic opportunity and security, personal development, and social skills development (Inside Higher Ed, 1/22). 
  • Maryland: John Coyne III, Board of Trustees Chair at Mount St. Mary’s University of Maryland, is criticizing what he calls the "deliberate mischaracterization" of a university retention program allowing students to drop out early in their first semester while still eligible for tuition refunds. A campus newspaper published an article alleging that President Simon Newman said faculty members should not think of struggling students as "cuddly bunnies"—but should instead "drown the bunnies." Coyne released a statement noting the program has taken an "innovative approach" and arguing that "small group of faculty and recent alums" are "working to undermine and ultimately cause the exit of President Newman" (DeSantis, "The Ticker," Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/22).
  • Ohio: Oberlin College President Marvin Krislov has rejected a black student group's demands related to addressing racism on campus, according to a message posted on the college's website. The student demands included hiring more black faculty members and administrators, firing certain university employees, and creating "exclusive black safe spaces." Krislov says the document offered no opportunity for collaborative engagement and that many of the demands violated shared governance (Thomason, Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/21).

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