Around the industry: Peyton Manning named in University of Tennessee sexual assault lawsuit

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  • Massachusetts: In the wake of seven suicides in two years, students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are exploring their own suicide prevention strategies. Campus officials recently granted nearly $50,000 to support campus projects aimed at mental health, but students say more can be done. One group of students launched a texting hotline called "Lean On Me," while others plan to install artificial light boxes on campus to treat depression. One student has handed out more than 4,000 wristbands that say TMAYD, short for "tell me about your day," which aim to encourage students to talk to one another. Students will also get to enjoy the new MIT puppy lab, which will bring therapy dogs to campus this semester (Binkley, AP/WTOP, 2/15). 
  • Missouri: The interim chancellor of the University of Missouri says a new video of assistant professor of communications Melissa Click—who was suspended over an altercation with a student journalist during campus protests last year—warrants a review by the system's governing board. The video from two body police cameras shows the university's homecoming parade in October, where demonstrators blocked the vehicle of then-system President Tim Wolfe. Click is seen telling police to "get your hands off the children" and cursing at an officer who grabs her shoulder. Interim Chancellor Hank Foley says the footage shows a "pattern of misconduct" by Click (AP/Chicago Tribune, 2/15).
  • Tennessee: Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is among the high-profile athletes embroiled in allegations of sexual assault that took place at the University of Tennessee (UT). Six women have filed a lawsuit against the school, claiming it failed to take action in their cases. In one incident, former trainer Jamie Naughright says she reported Manning to a sexual assault crisis center while working at UT in 1996. Court records show that Manning denied assaulting Naughright, and she eventually settled with the school and agreed to leave her job. However, Naughright included the allegations in the sexual harassment lawsuit against UT (ABC Radio/WTOP, 2/15).

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