Around the industry: Penn students work to speed up beer fermentation

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  • Maryland: The Board of Trustees at Mount St. Mary's University has pledged to launch an in-depth two-week review following controversial remarks made by the school's president, Simon Newman. In a statement issued Tuesday, the board apologized for what it called "a breakdown in compassionate communication," and said it was "seeking to gather all of the necessary information" to "better guide the university's path forward" (AP/Baltimore Sun, 2/16).
  • Pennsylvania: Three graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania are working on a system to accelerate the process of fermenting beer. The Fermento application is based on technology that had previously been developed by a postdoctoral student in the lab of David Issadore, an assistant professor of bioengineering and electrical and systems engineering. Last month, the Fermento team won the Y Prize contest's grand prize, which included $10,000 and the right to commercialize the technology. A product is expected to be on the market in six months (Mastrull, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/15).
  • Rhode Island: A group of students occupied the president's office at Providence College on Tuesday, vowing to remain until the college agreed to a list of demands regarding the treatment of minorities. The students left Tuesday night, but college President Rev. Brian Shanley did not agree to the full list of demands, which included hiring more minority faculty members and requiring sensitivity training for all students. However, Shanley signed a pledge to take "continuous action" to improve the college's inclusion and diversity and promised to have a plan to do so by March 7 (Inside Higher Ed, 2/17). 

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