Around the industry: University of Texas to allow concealed handguns on campus

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  • Illinois: The University of Chicago has received a $50 million gift from two venture capitalists to expand its initiatives aimed at low-income students, such as the Odyssey Scholarship Program and Collegiate Scholars Program (de la Merced,"DealBook," New York Times, 2/17).
  • Pennsylvania: Marvell Technology Group has agreed to pay Carnegie Mellon University $750 million to settle a patent dispute over computer disk drives. A committee has been formed to help the university determine how to use the money for students (Clark, Wall Street Journal, 2/17).
  • Texas: The University of Texas at Austin's president, Gregory Fenves, announced Wednesday that the university will allow concealed handguns on campus, although he objects to the policy. Last year, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed a law (SB 11) allowing concealed handguns on state college campuses. The law, which goes into effect Aug. 1, allows licensed gun owners 21 and older to carry fully concealed weapons on campus. Licensed holders have been allowed to do so for 20 years, but weapons were banned from buildings. However, the law does not apply to fraternity and sorority houses, private residences, and sports facilities. At a news briefing, Fenves said, "I do not believe handguns belong in a university setting ... but nevertheless as president of a public university, I am responsible for implementing" the new law (Johnson, NBC News, 2/17).

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