Around the industry: Judge rejects deceased man's scholarships for white, single, heterosexual students

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  • Kentucky: St. Catharine College has filed a federal lawsuit against the Education Department, claiming it has failed to pay back "hundreds of thousands of dollars" in financial aid, which has put the college at the "brink of extinction." According to the lawsuit, St. Catharine has lost students and will be forced to close unless a judge orders federal officials to hand over the money. The conflict is largely focused on whether the college needed federal approval to grant financial aid to students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs that were added from 2011 to 2014 (Green, WRDB, 2/23).
  • Ontario: An Ontario judge has rejected an attempt by a deceased man to establish university scholarships for white, single, heterosexual students. Victor Priebe's will asked his trustee to create bursaries for students pursuing fields in science, with one reserved for "Caucasian (white), male, single, heterosexual students" and the other for a "hard-working, single Caucasian white girl who is not feminist or lesbian." While the scholarships were struck down, a provision in the will orders that the bursaries be canceled if the court denies the provisions (Blackwell, National Post, 2/21).
  • Oregon: Two fraternities at the University of Oregon will begin accepting transgender men for the first time. Neither the Delta Upsilon nor Delta Tau Delta local chapters currently have transgender members, but both plan to reach out to students in the university's LGBTQ community. They also hope other fraternities will follow suit and welcome transgender members (Parks, Oregonian/OregonLive, 2/18).

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