Around the industry: Former Wheaton professor who donned hijab joins UVA

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  • Minnesota: St. Cloud State University is cutting six of its 23 athletic programs at the end of the academic year in a cost-saving move. Rosters for seven of the 17 remaining sports will be reduced, while six will increase. The cuts are expected to save nearly $250,000 for the fiscal year, equal to about 5% of the general fund allocation for athletics. The athletic department is predicting it will come up $500,000 short this fiscal year, with about 15% of St. Cloud's student athletes directly affected by the reductions (LeClair/Hatten, St. Cloud Times, 3/2). 
  • Pennsylvania: Tina Fey announced Wednesday on The Tonight Show that she and her brother have created a Temple University scholarship in memory of their father, who studied journalism and received his degree from the school in 1966. The scholarship commemorates Donald Fey's service in the Korean War and will be geared toward veterans attending Temple's School of Media and Communication. So far, the fund has amassed nearly $100,000, including a donation from Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon (Snyder, Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/4).
  • Virginia: The University of Virginia (UVA) announced Thursday that a professor who agreed to "part ways" with Wheaton College has accepted a position as UVA's Abd el-Kader Visiting Faculty Fellow. Larycia Hawkins was put on leave at Wheaton for asserting that Christians and Muslims worship the same God and donning a hijab in a Facebook post to express solidarity with Muslims. According to UVA's Institute of Advanced Studies in Culture, Hawkins will be researching the intersection of race and religion (AP/New York Times,3/3).

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