Around the industry: Fossils uncovered at University of Iowa

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  • California: The state auditor released a report Tuesday finding that the University of California (UC) system lowered admissions standards for out-of-state students, who pay much higher fees than in-state students. UC President Janet Napolitano and other UC officials called the findings "misleading." The university issued its own report to show that its policies "overwhelmingly" favor in-state students (Murphy, San Jose Mercury News, 3/29). 
  • Iowa: Prehistoric fossils have been unearthed at the University of Iowa's College of Engineering during construction. Geologists from the Iowa Geological Survey determined that the fossils are mostly corals and sponge-like animals from about 385 million years ago (Colwell, KCRG, 3/29).
  • New York: Cooper Union announced earlier this month that it will be making all of the college's restrooms gender neutral. Signs designating restrooms for either men or women will be replaced with signs that say either "Restroom With Urinals and Stalls," "Restroom With Only Stalls" or "Restroom Single Occupancy." The change came a week before North Carolina passed a bill restricting transgender people's access to restrooms in public colleges in the state (Logue, Inside Higher Ed, 3/31). 

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