Around the industry: Military College of South Carolina considers allowing student to wear a hijab

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  • California: The mayor of Los Angeles announced the city will provide a free year of community college to graduates of the city's high school district. The effort will cost $3 million—half will be paid for through city fundraising and the other half will come from the K-12 system ("Quick Takes," Inside Higher Ed).
  • South Carolina: The Military College of South Carolina, also known as the Citadel, is considering a request by an incoming student who asked permission to wear a hijab. If granted, it would mark the first time the institution has allowed an exception to its uniform requirements. "We do not currently have anyone that has a special religious accommodation for uniforms," the university said in a statement released Friday. Only three Muslim students are currently enrolled at the Citadel (McLeod, Reuters, 4/15; Zavadski, Daily Beast, 4/18).
  • Washington, D.C.: Howard University opened a $70 million interdisciplinary laboratory building last week, marking the first new labs in more than three decades. The research building will house scholars of engineering, pharmacy, chemistry, medicine, and dentistry (Anderson, "Grade Point," Washington Post, 4/15). 

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