Around the industry: Tennessee Senate approves bill to allow guns on campus

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  • Massachusetts: Hampshire College cancelled classes Tuesday afternoon to discuss issues that students have brought up in protests. Students have demanded that Hampshire sell off any investments in fossil fuels or private prisons, as well as improve the way the school handles issues related to sexual assault and racism on campus (Inside Higher Ed, 4/20).
  • Tennessee: The Tennessee Senate has voted 28-5 to approve a bill that would allow full-time employees at public colleges and universities to carry guns on campus. Guns would be prohibited in stadiums or gyms during school-sponsored events or in meetings regarding discipline or tenure. However, full-time professors would be allowed to carry guns in their classrooms (Ebert, The Tennessean, 4/19).
  • Utah: A Brigham Young University (BYU) student who began an online petition to demand that an immunity clause for victims of sexual assault be added to the school's honor code filed a Title IX complaint against BYU Monday. BYU has said that its honor code process differs from its investigation of sexual assault complaints (Kueppers, "The Ticker," Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/19).

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