The schools with the best social media presences

Schools were rated for their engagement, impact, and responsiveness on social media

Baylor University, Texas A&M University, and University of Wisconsin-Madison are among the top ranked schools for their Twitter and Facebook presence, according to Engagement Labs' 2016 list of the top 50 U.S. colleges and universities on the social media networks. 

The rankings were determined based on Engagement Labs' own eValue Analytics scores, based primarily on three sub-scores related to engagement, impact, and responsiveness.

The schools with the best Facebook presence included:

  • 1. Baylor University
  • 2. Texas A&M University
  • 3. Ashford University
  • 4. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 5. University of Texas at Austin

The schools with the best Twitter presence included:

  • 1. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 2. Texas A&M University
  • 3. Baylor University
  • 4. Indiana University
  • 5. University of Utah

Baylor earned the highest overall engagement score on Facebook for its content related to its football team and campus, generating the highest number of comments and likes per 1,000 fans, as well as the most active user base among the top 10 schools.

Texas A&M came in second on the list, with the highest amount of total likes and comments for content largely related to school pride. Ashford rounded out the top three, with the highest responsiveness rate as a result of its humorous posts.

University of Wisconsin earned the top spot for its Twitter presence, largely because it had the highest number of retweets and favorites per 1,000 followers. 

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"Wisconsin led in a substantial way thanks to a combination of humor, GIFs, and witty comments" says Bryan Segal, CEO of Engagement Labs. "They had an explosion of content and with it came the highest amount of retweets and favorites. Their tweets had a lot of shareability and impact throughout their community." 

While engagement and impact are critical factors in fine-tuning a social media strategy, colleges can't forget the importance of responsiveness, says Segal. Many institutions scored low for responsiveness, meaning that they rarely replied to students who interacted with them on social media, took a long time to reply, or made low-quality replies.

"Followers are turning to these channels for answers regarding topics such as academic needs or campus life, so providing the requested information via social is essential to the promotion of their brand," says Segal (Bethke, eCampus News, 5/10). 

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