Around the industry: Caltech sues Apple for alleged patent infringement

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  • California: The California Institute of Technology has filed a lawsuit against Apple for allegedly infringing on four of its patents for improved Wi-Fi transmission rates and performance. The suit seeks a jury trial against Apple and its supplier, Broadcom, a court order to prevent Apple from selling devices that use the patented technology, and damages for infringed patents (Starr, CNET, 5/31). 
  • California/Oregon: Members of the University of Oregon's Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity returned this week to Lake Shasta in California to help the National Forest Service clean up the mess left by about 1,000 students on Slaughterhouse Island the week before. Photos of the mess—which included alcohol, food, sleeping bags, and garbage—were widely shared on social media. The fraternity is under investigation for the incident, although a Lambda Chi spokesperson says only about one dozen fraternity members were at the lake when it was trashed (Gordon, USA Today College, 6/1; Rocha, Los Angeles Times, 5/25).
  • Utah: Following a student complaint, a Brigham Young University (BYU) physiology professor will no longer offer students the chance to drink what they believe is real urine as part of a class demonstration on the principles of hydration and dehydration. Instead, assistant professor Jason Hansen has been asked to simply explain the lesson in the future. "The apparent requirement of drinking someone else's urine is inappropriate, but it was neither required nor actually urine, so was considered a learning opportunity," says Dixon Woodbury, chair of BYU's department of physiology and developmental biology (AP/U.S. News & World Report, 6/1). 

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