Around the industry: Stanford-bound student says hard work, not luck, got him to college

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  • California: Stanford University-bound student Guillermo Camarillo, who also goes by the pseudonym Guillermo Pomarillo, is defending his path to college after his dentist suggested that his background, not his dedication, contributed to his admission. The dentist insinuated that Camarillo, a first-generation, low-income Latino student whose parents are undocumented, got into Stanford based on luck. Camarillo published an open letter to the dentist detailing all the challenges he faced and how he deserved his admission. The post currently has more than 24,000 likes and 8,000 shares on Facebook. "I think it's complicated for certain people to accept that kids like me can go to places like Stanford," Camarillo told USA Today College. I think the only way to make these people change is for them to comprehend our struggles and see what we have to go through (Du, USA Today College, 7/22). 
  • North Carolina: North Carolina's state budget passed earlier this month created an in-state tuition freeze for all schools in the University of North Carolina (UNC) system, guaranteeing the amount for all four years. The budget also implemented a cap of 3% on student fees. Because the UNC system was required to re-report its expenditures, the legislature used a mechanism that re-appropriated nearly $1 billion less than the system previously received (Stanley/Gwaltney, Daily Tar Heel, 7/20).
  • Vermont: The Vermont State Colleges (VSC) system is considering a plan to combine Johnson State College (JSC) and Lyndon State College under a single administration with two campuses.  JSC President Elaine Collins would be president of the unified institution. The board will vote on the proposal on Sept. 29 after receiving a report from VSC Chancellor Jeb Spaulding. If approved, the plan will take place in July 2017 (AP/Burlington Free Press, 7/21). 

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