Around the industry: Saint Mary's, Notre Dame researchers share patent

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  • Florida: A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that Florida National University does not infringe on the trademark of Florida International University. The court ruled that the universities' names are different enough that they would not be confused. Further, the court noted that there are 12 institutions that include both "Florida" and "university" in their names and the words "international" and "national" are distinct from each other (Inside Higher Ed, 7/27).
  • Indiana: Researchers at Saint Mary's College and the University of Notre Dame have received a patent for their devices that detect low-quality pharmaceuticals. The Paper Analytical Devices (PADs) can detect multiple chemical components in a pill or capsule, including substitute drugs or fillers. The PADs are aimed at reducing the spread of fake drugs in packaging that looks real (South Bend Tribune, 7/26).
  • Tennessee: News has come to light that Fisk University sold off two paintings several years ago from its Alfred Stieglitz art collection to alleviate financial strain. Following a legal challenge that sought to stop a sale in 2012, Fisk reached a compromise that allowed it to share its collection with the Crystal Bridges museum, but the sale of two other Stieglitz paintings was not revealed at the time (Mulcahy, New York Times, 7/26). 

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