Comparing Clinton and Trump on campus sexual assault

Clinton has a clear outline, while Trump is siding with his party's platform

With the Obama administration coming to a close, the spotlight now turns to how presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would handle campus sexual assault, Ashley Young and Alexander Tin write for NPR. 

Hillary Clinton's plan

The Democratic presidential nominee outlines three core principles in her plan to address campus sexual assault:

  • Offer a broad range of support services to victims;
  • Make sure that victims who report their assault are treated fairly; and
  • Bolster sexual assault prevention efforts through education programs. 

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When she introduced her plan last September, Clinton vowed at a rally in Iowa that "as president, I'll fight to make sure every campus offers every survivor the support she needs and will make sure those services are comprehensive, confidential, and coordinated."

Donald Trump's plan

The Republican presidential nominee has not yet offered any detailed statements or proposals regarding campus sexual assaults specifically. However, Trump's campaign has expressed support for the Republican Party's overall platform, which contains a stance on the issue.

Three critical steps to improve sexual misconduct reporting

The platform calls for reports of campus sexual assault to be investigated "by civil authorities and prosecuted in a courtroom, not a faculty lounge." It also criticizes what it calls the "Administration's distortion of Title IX to micromanage the way colleges and universities deal with allegations of abuse."

Bringing campus sexual assault into the election conversation

Groups such as the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) have been working to bring campus sexual assault to light throughout the election season.

"Starting early in the campaigns, the NSVRC has tried to bring this into the conversation and are really wanting to hear it be prioritized in those political discussions early on," says Laura Palumbo, the NSVRC's communications director.

The NSVRC would help both presidential nominees define policy proposals for campus sexual assault.

"One of our main roles is being a connector to experts and a connector to the field of sexual violence advocates and preventionists," Palumbo says. "We would be happy to connect either candidate, or any political leader, looking to connect with experts, practitioners, and researchers when they're delving into solutions" (Young/Tin, NPR, 8/7). 

A holistic approach to sexual violence prevention

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