Around the industry: Haverford remembers president who explored working-class life

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  • Ohio: John Carroll University (JCU) President Robert Niehoff announced in an email to alumni last week that the institution will examine the history of Jesuit slaveholding and how JCU participated in slavery. Niehoff noted that JCU's namesake, Archbishop John Carroll, "not only took part in the management of the Jesuit plantations and in slaveholding at some level, but that he also owned at least one slave who was given his freedom in Archbishop Carroll's will." While the discovery "will come as a shock and a disappointment to many of you, as it is to me," Niehoff wrote, "it is now up to our community to engage this history and learn more about both Jesuit slaveholding and Archbishop Carroll's role in it" (Farkas,, 9/8). 
  • Pennsylvania: Haverford College is mourning the loss of former president John Coleman, who died last week at the age of 95. Coleman, a labor economist, became well known for taking on a series of low-wage jobs and writing about his experiences in his book "Blue-Collar Journal: A College President's Sabbatical." "I wanted to get away from the world of words and politics and parties—the things a college president does," Coleman told the New York Times in 1973. "As a college president you begin to take yourself very seriously and think you have power you don't. You forget elementary things about people. I wanted to relearn things I'd forgotten" (Grimes, New York Times, 9/8).
  • Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University is piloting a new technology initiative that allows students to attend class virtually. With the BeamPro Smart Presence System, users can steer remotely operated robots outfitted with cameras (Ravipati, Campus Technology, 9/8). 

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