Around the industry: Brown to treat undocumented applicants as domestic students

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  • Ohio: Ohio University has decided to remove the name of alumnus Roger Ailes from one of its newsrooms. Ailes, who ran Fox News for 20 years, was recently ousted from the network after an investigation found that he had been involved in multiple allegations of sexual assault. The university will return a $500,000 donation to Ailes for the former Roger E. Ailes Newsroom (Wemple, Washington Post, 9/12). 
  • New Hampshire: Brown University announced Monday that it will consider undocumented applicants as domestic students during the admissions process. Previously, undocumented students were evaluated as international students. The primary difference is that domestic students are reviewed on a need-blind basis (Inside Higher Ed, 9/13).
  • Rhode Island: Dartmouth College's Hood Museum of Art recently acquired the full collection of acclaimed war photographer James Nachtwey. A Dartmouth alumnus, Nachtwey will also provide the college with all of the photographs that he takes for the remainder of his working life (AP/New York Times, 9/7). 

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