Around the industry: CUNY will waive application fee for low-income NYC students

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  • California: The California Community Colleges System has introduced an IT virtualized lab that allows students and faculty to schedule and conduct lab exercises for their IT courses. The virtual lab is currently being used for courses in forensics, cybersecurity, networking, Linux, and computer support (Schaffhauser, Campus Technology, 9/26). 
  • New York: The City University of New York announced Monday that it will no longer require New York City public school students to pay the $65 application fee. The policy is expected to affect 37,500 students. The policy will go into effect during this fall's application season (Harris, New York Times, 9/26).
  • Pennsylvania: Undergraduate enrollment has increased nearly 15% at Rosemont College since cutting tuition and costs for room and board last September. The price tag for tuition and room and board is now $30,000, down from $46,000. Rosemont will also freeze tuition for the 2017-2018 school year, at $18,500, while room and board will increase 4% to about $11,960 (Snyder, Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/27). 

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