Student outcome data now show up in Google search results

Users will have instant access to a range of institutional data

Google recently partnered with the Education Department to provide data from the College Scorecard into search results. 

As soon as a user types an institution's name into the search engine, Scorecard data will pop up alongside the college's address and Wikipedia synopsis. At a glance, users can view the:

  • Graduation rate;
  • Average salary for graduates;
  • Average total cost with financial aid;
  • Updated data on acceptance rate; and
  • Updated data on undergraduate tuition and fees.

The Scorecard data will have no impact on an institution's search rankings, according to Susan Cadrecha, a communications manager for Google.

"Hundreds of millions of students and families pursue their college questions through Google, where trillions of searches are made every year," U.S. Secretary of Education John King Jr. wrote in a blog post for Google. "By featuring this data front and center, Google is helping more students and families get the information they need when they need it" (DePianto, "The Keyword," Google, 9/30; McNeal, EdSurge, 10/3; King, "The Keyword," Google, 9/30). 

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