How to build a data-driven culture

Analyzing and using data can be a tricky process

Frank Bien, CEO of analytics software company Looker, spoke with Dataconomy about the challenges of creating a data-driven culture, and what organizations must do to overcome these barriers.

Challenge 1: Building a data-driven culture

Bien explains that while many companies already have data on the brain, now the question is, "How do you build data culture[?]" Organizations that haven't evolved to rely on data may find it difficult to incorporate data into day-to-day decisions.

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Challenge 2: Data systems that don't talk to each other

The data supply chain includes many tools for collecting and analyzing data for very specific, narrow purposes. There's no holy grail solution yet that allows everyone to access and share the data they need.

"There are pieces to do integration, transformation, wrangling, governance, visualization, and exploration," Bien says. However, "We haven't seen the new, modern data stack that solves these piece-meal problems."

Challenge 3: Clash of perspectives

Bien warns leaders to watch out for "data brawls," which come up when people view the exact same data metrics but draw different conclusions.

"Because everyone is working in silos, often they don't even know that they're disagreeing until it's too late," Bien says. "This underlying failure to have reliability in data makes people think they are all right, when clearly that can't be true" (Salazar, Dataconomy, 10/5). 

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