Faculty 'flip' for new teaching model

About 71% of faculty use both online and in-person teaching

More than half of faculty are flipping their courses or have plans to, according to Campus Technology's 2016 Teaching with Technology survey.

The survey found that 55% of respondents flip their courses to some extent by having students view videos or other online materials before class and then using class time for experiential learning and team projects. Meanwhile, one-quarter of faculty plan to or are considering the possibility of incorporating the flipped teaching model into their courses.

Around 71% of respondents said they used a blended model of online and face-to-face interactions, compared with 19% who only use in-person teaching methods and 10% who only teach online.

But when faculty were asked directly whether they used a blended model, three-quarters said some or all of their courses took a hybrid approach. Eleven percent said they were considering a blended model, and 15% were not using blended instruction and had no plans to. 

New classroom designs increase attendance and retention

With a growing interest in flipped instruction, technology has become increasingly important to carrying out the model. Ninety-four percent of faculty assign homework that requires students to use technology. However, 79% do not currently require students to use fee-based homework systems to complete assignments (Schaffhauser/Kelly, Campus Technology, 10/12). 

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