Michigan: City, local institutions partner for student success initiative

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Michigan State University (MSU) is taking part in a student success initiative that aims to help students from underserved backgrounds enter and graduate from state institutions. 

The "To College, Through College" initiative brings together the city of Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Public Schools, and 10 Michigan higher education institutions to increase college enrollment and graduation for area students, especially minorities and first-generation students. The initiative provides services such as financial assistance, scholarships, and one-on-one support. 

"One of our city's top priorities is to address inequitable access to opportunities," said Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn BIiss in a statement.  "To College, Through College is an important part of our efforts to increase equity in our community. We are incredibly grateful to MSU and the other partners that have joined us in investing in our community's children so they can be successful" (Schlinker/Ward, MSU press release, 11/21). 

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