Florida: Higher ed panel pushes for 55% attainment

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Florida's Higher Education Coordinating Council has set a goal of having 55% of the state's working-age population attain college degrees or professional certificates by 2025. 

The preliminary goal was established to obtain a grant from the Lumina Foundation, which aims to increase the U.S. attainment rate to 60% by 2025.  

"Once you establish a statewide attainment goal, [Lumina helps] develop a plan for how to communicate and then collaborate with the various different institutions of education to start down the path of achieving the goal," says Alan Levine, chair of the higher education council and a member of the Florida Board of Governors.

Less than 47% of Florida's working-age population currently meets the attainment goal, holding a four-year degree, two-year degree, or professional or technical certificate (CBSMiami/NSF, 11/28). 

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