The 10 most popular jobs and companies for 2016 grads

Professional services firms a major employer of recent graduates

LinkedIn recently released its first annual report on the job placements of people who graduated college in 2016. 

While software engineering and tech companies are popular among 2016 graduates, the lists are dominated by people-focused roles and professional services firms. The results underline other recent research showing that soft skills and T-shaped professionals are in high demand among employers.

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To create the list, LinkedIn researchers analyzed the profile data of millions of U.S. students who listed that they graduated college in 2016.

According to LinkedIn, the top 10 most popular jobs were:

  1. Account manager;
  2. Software engineer;
  3. Business analyst;
  4. Customer service representative;
  5. Administrative assistant;
  6. Recruiter;
  7. Consultant;
  8. Investment banking analyst;
  9. Graphic designer; and
  10. Staff accountant.

The top 10 most popular companies were:

  1. Deloitte;
  2. EY;
  3. PwC;
  4. Amazon;
  5. Oracle;
  6. Accenture;
  7. Target;
  8. JPMorgan Chase;
  9. Insight Global; and
  10. Lockheed Martin

The list of top companies is dominated by "large, traditional firms," Jeff Kauflin points out in an article for Forbes. Kauflin notes that these stalwarts tend not to attract the "buzz" that tech startups receive, but writes that their "hiring numbers are something to get excited about."

LinkedIn's data mirror two studies released earlier in 2016 from Glassdoor and the University of California San Diego Extension that found the top jobs for recent graduates tend to be in the financial, professional services, and technology industries (Kauflin, Forbes, 11/23; Kauflin, Forbes, 11/28).

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