Wyoming: University reorganizes to focus on student success

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The University of Wyoming (UW) is launching a reorganization effort aimed at linking student services to academic success.

Objectives for the reorganization include:

  • Connecting student recruitment, retention, and learning and success to faculty and the academic administration;
  • Embracing online, hybrid, distance, and outreach teaching;
  • Creating out-of-classroom opportunities such as internships, research, and international experiences;
  • Increasing support for research and economic development; and
  • Streamlining operations.

"These moves are designed to provide focused, intentional infrastructure that more effectively promotes success for all student populations," says Kate Miller, UW's provost and vice president for academic affairs. "Simultaneously, the Center for Advising and Career Services is undergoing a redesign to work with colleges to coordinate and train all student academic advisers in better working with first-year, transfer and continuing students; provide a more immersive approach to career development; and shepherd exploratory studies majors."

The project takes effect July 1, 2017 (University of Wyoming release, 12/8).  

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